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For permission to reprint articles from Sojourners magazine, or any other questions regarding copyright policy, contact reprints(at)sojo(dot)net or write:

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By submitting your work to Sojourners, or otherwise giving Sojourners permission to publish your work, either in print or electronically, you represent and warrant:

1) that all works submitted are your creation, have not been published previously, and are submitted exclusively to us;

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5) that you are also granting the subsequent right to reproduce, distribute, adapt, or display the work for any purpose and in any manner or medium worldwide during the copyright term of the work, without additional compensation except that spelled out below.

The rights granted may be exercised in any form or media in which the work may be reproduced, published, distributed, or displayed (including but not limited to compilations, microfilm, library databases, videotext, computer databases, CD-ROM, and the Internet). Rights to the article include (but are not limited to) the use of excerpts in marketing materials and the posting on our Web page ( We reserve the right to accept or reject any article submitted. A fee will be paid for any solicited article that is rejected. If we receive payment of $50 or more for the electronic or hard copy reprinting of a non-staff-written article, 50 percent of the payment shall be paid to the author.

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