The Common Good

Articles By Kari Jo Verhulst

These weeks from Easter to Pentecost memorialize the calling forth and sending out of Jesus' witnesses.
Years ago when my mother was quite ill, a friend copied a poem and surreptitiously slipped it into my Bible.
The journey from Epiphany to Lent brings us from the brightness of our dawning to the bleakness of our sinfulness.
When Jesus met the Samaritan woman, he was talking to us.
Benetton's ads open eyes. Can they say lives?
When I was a girl of 7 or 8 years, I laid awake most nights praying to have a friend.
The irreverent offerings of "This American Life.'
Why we can't ignore gender bias in the classroom.
To be agents of the kingdom of God is a full-time occupation. It requires a whole-life commitment; it requires preparation and energy.
Young girls tell of the Holocaust.
Attitudes toward immigrants grow harsher
The irreplaceable voice of Daughters of Sarah.
The power of God in the creative vocation.
When cultural diversity clashes with human rights.
When the government of India launched a nationwide literacy campaign a few years ago, chances are alcohol abuse was not one of its targets.
In the early days of the Gulf war, ABC's Nightline took a break from round-the-clock coverage of lit-up skies and talking dignitaries and shifted its attention to MTV...
Our faith has to be alive and light fires within our confused and fragile hearts or it is as meaningless as yesterday’s E-mail.
Four women sit, faces buried deeply in their hands, visibly anguished.
The Rise of a Global Peace Service
Warrior Marks, the recently released Alice Walker-Pratibha Parmar collaboration, continues the exploration of female genital mutilation begun in Walker's Possessing the Secret of Joy.