The Common Good

Articles By Richard Rohr

Reflections on stopping gun violence, a year after the massacre in Newtown.
Real interior silence, not just the absence of noise, is a foundational spiritual discipline. So why are we so resistant to enter into it?
...and other lies we tell men. Why developing an inner life is essential to healing men from the explosive violence bottled up within.
Understanding the true presence of Christ helps us become elders, not just elderly.
The vatican's management problem.
Unless we observe and surrender our small, daily anxieties, we won't recognize the really big fears, in all their disguises, that control our politics, our denominations, our bank accounts, and the world's future.
Male celibacy isn't the problem here. But for the Catholic Church to achieve a healthy system, things have to change.
How these anxious and ambiguous days might offer up the most holy of gifts.
Rediscovering rites of passage for our time
A sample North American initiation pattern
Ushers of the next generation in the church.