The Common Good

Articles By Lisa Sharon Harper

We watched our white peers accept the same salaries but somehow take vacations and buy homes—while we scrimped to pay rent.  
Many are calling today's protesters "violent" because they yell, they look angry, and they don't play by the rules. 
We are not racists, but we accept a system that acts in racist ways. 
Many of us are more comfortable on the plateau of rage or the plain of apathy. 
Do you have faith the size of a mustard seed? That's all we need.
Can a vote outlaw equal protection under the law? The Court seems to think so.
The civil right of equal opportunity never ensured the human right of equal access.
Counter to the stereotypes, a new study shows that African-American men are exceptional fathers.
We didn't eat for 22 days, but we did feast.
The people of a land are given spiritual authority and responsibility to steward the land.
Reflections on stopping gun violence, a year after the massacre in Newtown.
More than 80 bills to restrict voter access were introduced in 2013.
If Bernice King had been born on time, her daddy's letter might never have been written.
"Richard Twiss was willing to step out for what he believed in."
"You shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt."
The surprising new surge in evangelical peacemaking.
May God cause us to cry out to those mountains of injustice, "Oh freedom!"
A conference at Cedarville University shows new political boundary-crossing in the Christian college world.
What is valued in God's economy?