The Common Good

Articles By Rebecca Kraybill

Peter and Kelly Shenk Koontz know the difficulties and joys of peacebuilding in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Katerina Friesen, a seminary student, knows the labor of love of land-based ministry.
A conversation with writer and performer Daniel Beaty.
A map of the proposed route for the Keystone XL pipeline.
Tyrone Parker works with urban youth and families in the nation's capital.
Create your own scene from Corinth.
Carol Roth offers support, resources, and ministry to Native Mennonites and their conferences.
Carol Roth, a staff leader with Native Mennonite Ministries, connects Native Mennonites with the broader Mennonite church.
These magazine articles and blog posts published by Sojourners through the years pay tribute to the great South African leader.
Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith. White Cloud Press
Resources that help address the modern-day "orphans in distress" in our midst.
Father Michael Doyle's poetry captures a city of despair and hope.
An interview with Mike Martin, founder of RAWTools.
An interview with "Rev. Riverkeeper" Dottie Yunger