The Common Good

Articles By David Batstone

The modern global slave trade and those who fight it.
Through faith and business savvy, the Hagar Project gives new life to freed slaves in Cambodia.
This generation does not fear the sacred nor bow to the secular.
The archbishop is making global warming a personal challenge.
Human trafficking thrives in the new global economy.
Is 'cost-effective' the right criterion for judging AIDS drugs?
Wal-Mart is focused more on public relations than a reform of its business operations.
We are stuck with half-baked measures to contain runaway medical costs.
Vietnam has moved beyond the Cold War mindset. We have not.
This is probably the biggest moral story of the year that went unnoticed.
Is corporal punishment the proper way to nurture moral character?
Rumsfeld would re-establish the military as a judge, jury and executioner.
Everything I need to know I learned in my parent-teacher conferences.
Google's 'democratic' launch hurt only the fat cats
E-voting may make us nostalgic for hanging chads.
Revolutionary ideology is no match for rice and beans.
Many people think the Religious Right has faded into obscurity and political powerlessness. In fact, it just might be stronger than ever.
No magic elixir will solve our energy dilemma, short of radically changing our consumption.
Online dating brings out what's awry with romance and relationship.
Personal integrity, it seems, has become an endangered species.
Who are the real pirates in the music economy?
Technology does not uproot the themes of trust and betrayal in our human drama.
We cannot give up the U.N., despite its inadequacies.
An interview with The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.
Gluttony takes a toll on the interior life.
Working Assets colors outside the lines.
I began 2003 in Cuba. It's a good practice to launch a new year with fresh insights. Cuba did not disappoint. It was my first visit to the island nation.
"Think about how much of our lives we spend at work," the executive of a New York publishing house said wistfully to me.
Eight principles for life in an honest, value-centered, competitive organization.
Zachary Bentley says he's no Ralph Nader.
'Lean and mean' is the shapely figure to which companies are called to conform these days. It's worrisome that the mantra implies a clever business strategy.
Have you ever noticed how much of our political language relies on binary logic? "Binary what?" you say—think the North and South Pole.
Want some free financial consultation? It won't take more than a few seconds, I promise.
The once mighty energy trader has become everyone's favorite whipping boy. Unjustly so, I say.
It’s a scary thing to find yourself in bed with Orrin Hatch.
We can't sacrifice our deepest convictions for the sake of a false unity.
Millionaire space tourist Dennis Tito's joy ride was sheer hubris; talk about placing yourself at the center of the universe!
Parental aggression at youth sports events has become commonplace.
Is technology the tool of the devil? The primrose path to a better life? Or something in between?
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'If Buddhism helps them, so be it, but maybe they just need to be better Christians or better Jews.'
Within the next 20 years, we'll see the evolving convergence of humans and machines.
Grameen Bank operates beyond the bottom line to benefit those at the bottom of the line.
The battle over who owns the Net rages on.
The Net war on privacy
Ten principles for saving a corporate soul---and (who knows?) maybe your own.
Chiapas unrest is international in scope.
I am a welfare queen. There, I've said it.