The Common Good

Articles By David Cortright

The battle for hearts and minds continues, 50 years later. 
A military-only strategy won't defeat ISIS, and may even make things worse. 
U.S. intervention has been the problem in Iraq, not the solution.
Diplomatic talks with Iran could end the nuclear standoff—and more.
Working with the U.N. for a negotiated settlement has a greater chance of success than military involvement.
History shows engagement, not attack, dissuades countries from developing nuclear weapons.
Why it's time to end the war in Afghanistan, and how to do it.
... and make us all more secure. A pragmatic approach to nuclear disarmament.
How to splinter the Taliban and support Afghans.
Official rhetoric has helped fuel an escalation of tension between the United States and Iran. Do recent negotiations mark a change in direction, or just a temporary detour from the highway to military attack?
Washington calls the kettle black.
Bring home the troops. Start now.
A just and viable alternative to the Bush doctrine.
The failure to discover weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has exposed the lie at the heart of the Bush administration's case for war.
There are viable alternatives to war, but only if we organize and speak out.
The bin Laden organization and other terrorist networks are obviously fired by an intense hatred of the United States.
National missile defense is only the latest version of "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." Our best protection from nuclear war? A global ban on nuclear weapons.
U.N. inspections remain key to resolving the impasse.
Missile defense: the wrong path to security.
After the test ban vote, what next for the peace movement?
The price of a Marshall Plan for the Balkans would be less than the costs of indefinite military occupation.
THE TIMING COULDN'T have been more awful. A murderous spasm was loosed on Baghdad a week before Christmas; Clinton and his captive coven of generals crowded the screen, lying up a lather.
Gen. George Lee Butler, former commander of the nation's nuclear forces, became a proponent of nuclear abolition.
A new movement emerges to abolish nuclear weapons.
The Moral Dilemma of sanctions.
The Cold War's over -- the threat isn't.