The Common Good

Articles By Elizabeth Palmberg

Uncut Sojourners interview with Desmond Tutu's successor, South African Archbishop Njonkulu Ndungane.
... And everyone eats.' Why women are key to fighting global poverty.
The Micah Challenge calls evangelicals to get serious about bringing good news to the poor.
Rich countries have decided to control Iraq the old-fashioned way.
Hope for the world's poorest countries
Even as atrocities in western Sudan have drawn the world's focus in recent months, there are signs of hope elsewhere in the nation, which has been ravaged by civil war for three or four decades.
What part of 'never again' do we not understand?
The Bush administration's trade strategy is in trouble.
Rebuffed (for now) in the global arena, the U.S. will pursue a divide-and-conquer strategy.
Web Exclusive! A companion to "Don't Trade Away the Farm"
Employment Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
A Discussion Guide for September-October 2003 Sojourners
Latin American churches tackle 'free' trade.
Volunteer Opportunities
A Discussion Guide for July-August 2003 Sojourners
Why the penal system isn't colorblind.
Exploring social change on the stage, street, and classroom.
Local culture meets global issues.
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A Discussion Guide for May-June 2003 Sojourners
Philip Berrigan, 79, the first American Catholic priest jailed for political dissent, according to one biographer, died on December 6, 2002, in Baltimore, Maryland.
One of the many and fruitful exaggerations in Yann Martel's Life of Pi is the assertion, made by a minor character, that Pi's story will "make you believe in God."
BorderLinks, a binational organization educating people about the realities of the U.S.-Mexico border, has always been good at getting personal without thinking small.
Employment Opportunities
A Discussion Guide for March-April 2003 Sojourners
Employment Opportunities
A Discussion Guide for January-February 2003 Sojourners