The Common Good

Articles By Rose Marie Berger

After a two-year process, the Greensboro (North Carolina) Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the first of its kind in the United States, delivered its final report in May on the events surroundin
The Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D.C., released a report in May that revealed how a small group of wealthy funders are influencing the denomination’s debates on homosexuality in the churc
Gold Medal. Palestinian Christian Naim Ateek, founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem, received an award from the Peace Fellowship of
In an arid valley of northwestern Afghanistan, diets used to consist of little more than tea and bread, and women remained in the home.
Amid increased violence in Sri Lanka, Nonviolent Peaceforce members are providing unarmed accompaniment to those delivering aid, as well as applying nonviolent strategies to prote
The city council of Maywood, California, declared the town a refuge for undocumented residents in January.
• Olive Branch. In April, 120 former Israel Defense Force soldiers and Palestinian militants publicly launched “Combatants for Peace,” a partnership of former enem
Soon the first stars will move tentatively into the field of sky.
Protesters holding an American flag join thousands of people during an immigration rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., in April.
World Peace. A new Internet service provider,, will raise money for peacemakers working in conflict zones around the world.
Many pentecostals trace their spiritual heritage to the Azusa Street revival.
The Guantanamo prison is beyond the pale.
Rodell and Dale Scarabin and their children outside their makeshift house in Venice, Louisiana, in January, following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
In February, 86 evangelical leaders declared climate change a Christian priority and lent their support to political initiatives to fight global warming, saying “The earth’s natural s
•Dish it Up. The employees of Windows on the World restaurant, which was destroyed in the Sept.
Lent invites us to a 'tranquil listening of the heart.'
Christian peacemakers in Baghdad.
More than 100 Palestinians from the village of At-Tuwani, including these children, attended a vigil in December for four members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams.
A dozen years after Ruben Cantu was executed by the state of Texas for capital murder, the only witness to Cantu’s alleged crime came forward in November to recant his testimony, saying Ca
• Golden Deal. McDonald’s will sell fair trade coffee in more than 650 of its restaurants in the northeastern United States.
Prayer can literally change our brain.
Robert Ellsberg is an editor’s editor.
Members of Women’s Will, an Iraqi human rights organization, demonstrate outside the Ministry of Human Rights in Baghdad for better treatment of prisoners.
JPII Double. Actor Jon Voight plays the title role in the new CBS miniseries Pope John Paul II
The arrest slip identified my 'property' as a Bible, a set of keys, and shoelaces.
Through work we not only transform the world, we are transformed ourselves.
The ancient virtues help us to know God more intimately.
An Indigo Girl - and dad - talk about music as the mediator between God and our souls.
Music Man. Elmer Maas, 69, a musician, philosopher, civil rights worker, and one of the founders of the Plowshares anti-nuclear movement, died May 7 in Connecticut.
An interview with South Africa's Anglican Archbishop Njonkulu Ndungane on Oprah, AIDS, and how Christians are battling international debt.
German Theologian Ulrich Duchrow tells how a visit to an African slave castle - and the movement of the Spirit - created a "transforming moment" for Reformed Christians.