The Common Good

Articles By Ryan Beiler

Why scavenge? You get a lot of really good food that's really, really free.
The untapped potential of biodiesel.
Dim visions of a redeemed military
A review of A Generous Orthodoxy, by Brian McLaren.
Laughter may be the best medicine for bad news.
The quiet outrage of James Nachtwey's photography.
The persecuted peacemakers of the Colombian churches
When this book was published, the Committee to Protect Journalists had just named the West Bank as "the worst place to be a journalist." 
Against all odds, Palestinian Christians seek resurrection in Bethlehem.
Ever since I gave Jesus a ride, my car smells like urine.
The Simpsons' love-hate relationship with religion.
Left and right, Sudan's finally getting much needed attention.
On the day the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect, the Zapatista movement began—a rebellion, they said, against the forces of globalization on behalf of the rights of indigenous Mexicans.
Leading Venezuelan educators and critics of President Hugo Chavez are calling his creation of 500 schools constructed and supervised by the military a political program for "ideological indoctrin
Despite presidential apologies and lip service to human rights, the Clinton administration continues to offer aid to the Guatemalan and Colombian militaries...
The movement against land mines has achieved moderate success since the mine ban treaty became international law in March 1999.
In August, the Chilean Supreme Court stripped Gen. Augusto Pinochet of immunity from prosecution for the kidnapping, torture, and murder of thousands of people during his 17-year rule.
As movements against the harmful effects of globalization are gaining strength in the United States, activists are increasingly outraged at some police behavior employed to control them.
On September 9, five Catholic nuns were arrested after entering Peterson Air Force Base, headquarters of the U.S. Space Command...
It’s not just civil wars, AIDS, or other diseases that have brought suffering to sub-Saharan Africa in recent decades.
In most American "community watch" groups, residents report suspicious activity to the authorities.
Mounting criticism of national missile defense by scientific and military experts has corporations such as Boeing on the defensive as they try to secure multibillion dollar contracts
As Bishop Samuel Ruiz, liberation theologian and champion of Chiapas’ indigenous peoples, faced mandatory retirement at age 75, many feared what would come next.
Protesting campaign finance corruption and the "dumb or dumber" choices of many current elections, activist filmmaker Michael Moore is asking Americans to vote for potted plants...
"No matter how we pray, nor how we sin, we can stand up for each other. We can stand up against hate."—Republican Sen.
We planned to do great things. God had other plans.
Resources for study and action.
The IMF/World Bank protests raised long-neglected issues.
After a year of encampments that successfully halted bombing exercises by the U.S.
One outcome of the circus surrounding the Elian Gonzalez case has been increased scrutiny of U.S.-Cuba policy and renewed hopes for a better relationship with the island nation.
Finding himself in agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union and at odds with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson said "a moratorium [on executions] would indeed be very appropriate..."
A coalition of conservative Christian and Jewish leaders known as the Interfaith Council for Stewardship and the Environment has released "The Cornwall Declaration"...
Christian groups in the United States and Sudan have called for the boycott of BP-Amoco...
A Baltimore County judge exceeded sentencing guidelines and gave Philip Berrigan, 30 months in prison for damaging an A-10 Warthog aircraft, such as those used to fire depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq and Kosovo. 
'The solution will come from the community.'
Resources for study and action.
While the U.S.-backed sanctions against Iraq continue to devastate that country, a growing clamor of voices is rising up in opposition
The U.S. prison population passed the two million mark in February, provoking vigils and protests in more than 40 U.S. cities.
A new report shows that the current economic boom is not finding its way to the collection plate.
For around $2,500 you too can be a DJ in the micro-radio revolution.
Defying the assumption that Serbs and ethnic Albanians are incapable of peaceful coexistence, leaders of the religious communities of Kosovo issued a common statement for reconciliation.
Two Guatemalan military officers have been arrested and charged with the April 1998 murder of Catholic bishop and human rights advocate Juan Jose Gerardi.
Youthful idealism can grow into life-long commitment to justice.
Ninety-eight people were executed in the United States last year—30 more than in 1998 and the most since 1951.
Four Plowshares activists led by Philip Berrigan entered an Air National Guard base in Essex, Maryland, in late December to disarm A-10 Warthog aircraft
A recent consultation among United Methodist Church officials on the "authority of scripture and the nature of God’s revelation" acknowledged that the most divisive debates of the church hinge largely on one’s view of the nature and authority of the Bible. 
In response to mounting opposition to the U.S.