The Common Good

Articles By Steve Thorngate

Book review: From Stone to Living Word: Letting the Bible Live Again, by Debbie Blue.
The Trumpet Child, by Over the Rhine.
There are few words thornier than "evangelical." It's a broad category that includes fundamentalists; it's also a reaction against fundamentalism.
I don’t usually expect too much from blues-rock music.
Dobson's is a fringe position gussied up in mainstream garb.
This day is filling up my room, Is coming through my door. Oh, I have not seen this day before.
I was visiting a church at which pentecostal practices were gaining traction, bringing no small controversy with them.
Hagar Soya, a soy milk company in Cambodia run by Christian development agency Hagar, recently started offering two fortified soya milk drinks for retail purchase.
At St. Olaf, students learn to reap what they sow.
A few years ago, the “postmodern memoir” or “autobiographic novel” was all the rage among critics anxious to define new literary genres.
There's a rich middle ground between organ lofts and praise bands.
New Community Covenant Church, Chicago.