The Common Good

Articles By Claire Lorentzen

ROTC is back on campuses -- but military thinking still conflicts with the life of the mind.
An activist in Phoenix launches a website -- and supports a revolution on the other side of the world.
Studies, Films, Websites, and Books on Nonviolence
Books on migration and the immigrant experience.
Hear Joseph Ross read his poem, Luke 5:1 Disciples.
Current regulations (Instruction 1300.6 for the Department of Defense) are clear that conscientious objector
Michelle Alexander, a longtime civil rights advocate and litigator, is an associate professor of law at the Moritz College of Law and the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohi
1. Dive! The United States throws out 263 million pounds of food per day, much of which is perfectly good to eat.
Books and Articles Published in Sojourners
Here is a list of resources that will help further develop an understanding of Ayn Rand's philosophy, view of religion, and connection to libertarianism and Tea Party ideology.