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Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman

Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman is the Associate Professor of Homiletics at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. She is an Elder in The United Methodist Church and has eighteen years of experience pastoring churches. Her degree is in Liturgical Studies, with major study in Preaching and the Emerging Church. She is especially interested in engaging the 21st century church for vital ministry, equipping established communities to take on new models for church, and employing postmodern ideas to reengage younger generations in preaching and worship. Dr. Wiseman has a book coming out in Fall of 2013 on preaching from Pilgrim Press.

Blog Posts by Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman

Posted by Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman 51 weeks 5 days ago
Can you imagine sitting in a public space and all of a sudden everyone around you starts to speak in a different language? And yet somehow you still understand them? Can you imagine the cacophony of...
Posted by Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman 1 year 48 weeks ago
In the Methodist tradition in which I was I raised, there is a concept of perfection. We “strive for perfection” in loving each other and loving God. It is not about avoiding all mistakes. It is...
Posted by Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman 2 years 10 weeks ago
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons [and daughters] of God.” Matthew 5: 9 from the BeatitudesI grew up watching casualty reports from the Vietnam War on TV. My Uncle Bill...