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The Rev. José Humphreys

Rev. José Humphreys

The Rev. José Humphreys is a faith organizer, and pastor of Metro Hope Covenant Church, a multi-ethinic church movement in East Harlem, NYC.  José remains committed to shalom-making in NYC, through facilitating conversation across social, economic, cultural and theological boundaries.


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Posted by Rev. José Humphreys, Mayra Lopez-Humphreys 39 weeks 4 days ago
It was July 19, 2013, and we were leaving New York City for a spiritual retreat, six days after a Florida jury found George Zimmerman “not guilty” in the death of Trayvon Martin. The sadness, anger,...
Posted by Rev. José Humphreys 40 weeks 1 day ago
I was among millions across the globe wrapped up in the glee of Pharrel William’s song, “Happy.” I first heard it while watching Despicable Me 2 with my family last year. As the credits rolled I...
Posted by Rev. José Humphreys 1 year 13 weeks ago
I stepped off the elevator and was greeted by three men with hoodies in church yesterday. My shoulders tensed for a few moments. Growing up in New York City, I’ve been groomed in paranoia and 20/20...
Posted by Rev. José Humphreys 3 years 7 weeks ago
Today I search my soul along with many Americans who are discussing the Trayvon Martin tragedy. These conversations can range from news blogs clamoring for justice to benign disputes about the facts...
Posted by Rev. José Humphreys 3 years 18 weeks ago
Last Thursday, Jan. 12, I was arrested in the Bronx for civil disobedience along with 43 others. It was a group that consisted mainly of clergy and church laity, a grassroots evangelical effort led...

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Birmingham Revolution: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Epic Challenge to the Church. IVP Books.