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Sheldon C. Good, a former Sojourners media assistant, is associate director of Eastern Mennonite University's Washington (D.C.) Community Scholars' CenterHe is a graduate of Goshen (Ind.) College and a member of Salford Mennonite Church.

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Posted by Sheldon C. Good, Cyrus McGoldrick 2 years 3 weeks ago
The recent explosions at the Boston Marathon and subsequent media coverage exposed yet again a dangerous trend in U.S. culture: rushing to judgment in labeling and prosecuting crimes, and throwing...
Posted by Sheldon C. Good 2 years 16 weeks ago
Annie Lowrey's recent New York Times magazine article "Washington's Economic Boom, Financed by You" provides a stimulating look into Washington, D.C.'s "economic boom" of the last few years. As D.C....
Posted by Sheldon C. Good 3 years 18 weeks ago
How does one dig out from under such tragedy? How does one have hope for a better life, for a new Haiti? In a meditation titled "The Gates of Hope," Minister Victoria Safford writes: "Our mission is...
Posted by Sheldon C. Good 3 years 49 weeks ago

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A movement is underway to free people of faith from the yoke of Christmas consumerism.

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