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Karen McKim: 'Twas the War Before Christmas

Fed up with the so-called "War on Christmas" craziness? One of our readers decided to fight back - with poetry:

'Twas the month before Christmas; with anticipation,
I'd prayed to be peaceful, I'd felt adoration.

The Good News was soon to be shouted out loud.
The Wonder, the Joy, would dispel every cloud.

The angels are singing their glorious song.
And we have the gift to join in! Sing along!

So I settled my brains and typed on my keyboard.
I opened my e-mail, expecting warm words.

But from my computer, there arose such a panic!
I read with amazement; the writers were manic!

"They're ignoring our revels!" the fussbudgets say,
"Make sure all say 'Christmas' and not 'holiday'!

There's no peace on earth; it's time to be critical!
Forget joy and love! Make Christmas political!"

We used to say, "Joy! It's time to be merry,"
But now we are told: "We're still mad at Kerry!

It's not time for prayer; it's not time for praise!
There's no time for that! We need more displays!"

Jesus says, "Love your neighbor; take that plank from your eye."
But O'Reilly says "NO! Criticism must fly!"

I tried to remember something else Jesus said:
"Cease your anger at brothers before offering bread."

"No, NO!" say the emails, "Make fun! Ridicule!
The teachers, the storekeepers - call them all fools!

Choose your words carefully; choose what you say!
Demand 'Merry Christmas,' Not 'Happy Holiday!'

Our nation's for Christians! Yes, only for they!
If our guests don't like it, they don't have to stay!"

That's enough! I know better! My Lord told me true:
Receive travelers and beggars, yes, foreigners, too!

He told me to love them; He told me to care.
When they are with me, He said, "I am there."

I closed up the e-mail, deleted it, too.
I picked up my Bible and asked what to do.

I pray the true gifts of this blessed holy-day season find their way to your home, in all the Lord's bounty, to warm your heart and to bring to you and yours Peace on Earth and Good Will for all of God's children.

Karen McKim is a SojoMail reader from Madison, Wisconsin.

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