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Ryan Rodrick Beiler: More on Immigration and Family Values

Katie Barge at Faith in Public Life has done a great job of rounding up comments (including GP's post by Rev. Derrick Harkins) on the religious community's advocacy on behalf of family reunification in the immigration debate. Her comments:

The current immigration deal under consideration in the Senate needs a family values fix. Right now, there are "an estimated 1.5 million legal immigrants in the United States who have been waiting as long as seven years to bring husbands, wives and small children to live with them." The current immigration bill does NOTHING to fix this, and in fact, reduces the number of family reunification visas available each year. This means that the backlog of families waiting to be reunited will only continue to grow. ...

[S] houldn't there be a lot more noise on this from the faith community, from the left and right? Shouldn't all groups who claim to be pro-family be firing up their constituencies in support of this family values fix? Here are the statements from religious leaders and organizations that we have seen so far ... anyone seen any more?

Read her full post, including statements by faith groups.

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