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#OccupyWallStreet: Helpful Links


Quick recap

Occupy Wall Street began on September 17, 2011, with a small group of people camping out and protesting in the financial district in New York City.

Inspired by the protesters who occupied Cairo's Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Spring Revolution earlier this year, the movement, as such, is driven by people fed up with the corrupt monetary systems of the United States seeks to embolden the voices of the 99 percent of Americans who don't appear to have any control over our economy.

Twenty days later, the movement has spread all across the nation and abroad.

Watch the live stream video of #OccupyWallStreet happenings from New York City on God's Politics HERE.

Blogs to follow for news, action alerts and other events include:

Listen to the WNYC archive of reports HERE, or listen to the report below:

Steps to Protest Peaceably

  • Occupy Wall Street has provided some tips for protestors HERE.
  • For more history on protesting safety and peaceable-ness, click HERE.

Educate Yourself

  • Henry David Thoreau penned one of the foundational documents on resisting government, "On Civil Disobedience."

Is Facebook Censoring the Occupiers?

  • For the past few years, Facebook has been an important player in building and organizing social movements. But with the recent events associated with #OccupyWallStreet, some are accusing the social networking giant of censoring. Reports of censoring Occupiers and their efforts range from renaming pages and deleting links to live stream, to encountering "errors"and removing content.


Many events and actions are being planned all over the country. t

Take a look at this index and see how you can join the #OccupyWallStreet efforts in your area.

(A deep bow of gratitude to our friends at the Daily Kos for compiling the list of links found below.)

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