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Soundtrack for the #Occupation Grows

It's always encouraging to see musicians using their unique platform to inspire social change.

When it comes to an indie supergroup such as  New Party Sysytems — compirsed of members from TV on the Radio, Notekillers, and Liturgy — disparate audiences are drawn together for common purpose: economic justice.

New Party Systems's song "We Are," which dropped on the web yesterday, draws attention back to what the Occupy Movement is: A place of rising consciousness, full of energy and passion to bring about change.

While it may seem that the Occupy Movement is losing its steam, this expression reminds us its the spirit is alive — and growing.

No, this song isn't quite as cheesy as some #Occupy songs have been; this 4-minute anthem is a pulsating fist pumper, replete with grungy guitars, a driving bass, and recorded chants from a November march on Wall Street.

Its lyrics speak honestly about communities of good will uniting to inspire change, moving toward a more just economy for all. It's a song about excitement as the occupy movement continues grow across the nation and world.


We are the dawn's electric rise
A gathering of consciousness creating
We are an overwhelming tide
Of heat and light and sound to break the chain

Time to take the keys back to our kingdom
It is time to move the rules to fairer ground
Equality and justice so the masses can breathe free again
The workers and the players have to take this world and turn it all around

We are the dawn's electric rise
A gallery of consciousness creating
We are an overwhelming tide
Of reason and rights endowed to change the game

And to those who think that nothing ever happens
When peaceful forces speak the truth to power
Watch the water carving through the mountain's heart of stone
How simple winds increase until they topple every tower

And we love to see you
Stepping up across the lands
And we love to be with you
As you make your righteous stand

And we love to hear you
Shouting out your desires
And we love to cheer you
As you join the expanding choir

We are the dawn's electric rise
A galaxy of consciousness creating
We are an overwhelming tide
The heat and light and sound they can't contain

Joshua Witchger is an editorial web assistant at Sojourners.

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