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Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: Jan. 26, 2012

Brooklyn based musicians Miracles of Modern Science perform an a capella mashup of Bon Iver + Bon Jovi, or Bon Joviver. [Prefix]

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hairdo that was once associated with librarians and cat ladies is now growing popular among men. That’s right, now tennis stars, mixologists, and yoga teachers show… the man bun is where it’s at. [New York Times]

Dwight Schrute’s days on The Office may come to a close soon, but this won’t be the end of him, NBC is working on an Office spin off featuring Dwight’s bed and breakfast beet farm. [Deadline]  

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, wizard/presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, and the GOP's Newt Gingrich turn up the “cool” in the latest dish of Songify the News.

tape recorder is given new meaning in this exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. [Bitforms Gallery ]

Moe’s Southwest Grill created an ad about reheating food in the microwave… for the video, they put a variety of odd foods (and objects) into a microwave and record what happens as it begins to cook. [Geekologie]

Author Maurice Sendak sits down with Stephen Colbert in Grim Colberty Tales. Stephen shares a children’s book he wrote and the two have a thoroughly entertaining exchange. Watch part one below, and see part two here.

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