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Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: Feb. 24, 2012

First grade problems… mom didn’t pack cookies, indoor recess… relive all your worst memories and perhaps even snicker a little at the latest meme to hit the internet. [Buzz Feed]

Rev. Billy and co. visit a Swiss bank dressed as human mops and rub all surfaces in sight to protest the bank’s dirty habits. [Zurich 4 You]

Chicago musican Andrew Bird offers his music for free download at Noise Trade.

Jon Stewart examines the latest GOP debate (we’ve made it to 20) and introduces the new sitcom, Three Men and a White Haired Man Baby. [Daily Show]

The creative minds at Ben & Jerry’s are stepping away from the comical world of ice cream to usher in a new craze, Greek yogurt. [Time]

Time on your hands? Creativity on your mind? Kickstumblr combines the best of Tumblr and Kickstarter into one fun page. [Kickstumblr]

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