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Weekly Wrap 1.31.14: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. Pete Seeger Was Folk Music
Pete Seeger died this week at 94. The legendary folk singer and champion for social change spurred countless tributes, like the above from Slate. Also see 2. this 2006 profile in The New Yorkerand spend some quality music time with 3. this clip of Bruce Springsteen paying tribute by singing "We Shall Overcome" at a concert this week.

4. The Super Bowl and What It Teaches Us About Inequality
"If you are a family of four and want to attend a Super Bowl, even if you are lucky enough to get tickets, you could easily be looking at a $10,000 outing. The other 99 percent of the tickets are reserved for the teams, advertisers, sponsors, and corporate folk, many of them resold at levels way above the list price."

5. Privilege and The Pill
Rachel Held Evans gives a pro-life defense of contraception coverage and takes on economic privilege and male privilege in this thoughtful piece. "… those who oppose coverage of birth control based on their religious or pro-life convictions must take into consideration the fact that lack of coverage may actually lead to more abortions. And we must remember that shrugging off birth control as something people should be able to easily pay for on their own betrays some of our own economic privilege in this conversation."

6. Women Front and Center in Obama's State of the Union Address
From the wage gap to early childhood education to his Twitter-friendly "Mad Men" reference, President Obama lifted up women in Tuesday night's speech. Al-Jazeera has the breakdown and reaction. 

7. Video of The Beatles' Last Show, On It's 45th Anniversary
Because it's Friday, and you need some more throwback music clips. 

8. God, Same-Sex Marriage, and 33 Weddings at the Grammys
ICYMI: During Sunday's Grammy Awards, Queen Latifah married 33 couples, some of them gay and lesbian, in a 51-second "ceremony(?)" set to Macklemore's "Same Love." Adam Ericksen argues that this "shortest wedding ceremony ever" actually trivializes marriage.

9. Polar Vortex and Climate Change: Why Rush Limbaugh and Others Are Wrong
It's frigid in most of the country (see: the Atlanta mess), so naturally, out stream the blog posts and talk radio noise repeating something along the lines of "it's cold, so global warming must not exist." The Weather Channel sets straight these, ahem, not-climate-scientists.

10. WATCH: Kid President: The Kids Need To Know
And a favorite: the latest installment from Kid President. "You can't spend your life relying on autocorrect. Learn to spell." Wise words, Kid President. This editor salutes you.

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