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State of the Union: Our Responsibility for the Government We Deserve

My measure of a good State of the Union address is whether or not I am able to stay awake through to the end.
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The State of the Union: Unfinished Business

After one tumultuous year in office, President Barack Obama used his first State of the Union address
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Howard Zinn's Last Advice to Me (and America): 'Independence from the Military-Corporation'

Tuesday morning -- just two days ago -- I wrote to half a dozen leaders of progressive thought and action in America, each separately, the letter that follows.
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Video: Jim Wallis at the World Economic Forum in Davos


Jim Wallis speaks on the plenary panel topic: "Rethinking Values in the Post-Crisis World," with Yvan Allaire, Thomas H. Glocer, Yasuchika Hasegawa, Hartmut Ostrowski, Muhammad Yunus, and James H. Quigley.


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Americans Listening to Palestinians Listening to Israelis

What a day it was. Halfway through, many in our group of twenty felt that we couldn't take much more.
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Interview with Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on Friendship and Leadership

Claiborne For Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, "subversive" friendship is about creating God's counterculture in the midst of a dominant culture.

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Greed is God: Exporting the Values of America's Prosperity Heresy

America, dominating the global economy, imports more goods than it exports. What is less tangible, but possibly more important, is how America exports its values to a rapidly interconnecting global society.
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