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'Human Wrongs' and the Next Generation of Christian Activists at Urbana

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Urbana 09 Missions Conference put on every three years by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was powerful to be worshiping Christ with 17,000 young adults who were saying "Here am I Lord, send me."
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Megachurches Make (Some) Progress on Crossing the Racial Divide

As you probably know, one of the big articles making the rounds this week is Time magazine's major report on Willow Creek Community Church and the noteworthy progress being made in evangelical megachurches to bridge the racial divide.
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The (Second) Worst Religious Idea of the Decade

Earlier this month, the nice folks over at The Washington Post's Outlook section asked me to write an essay about what I thought the worst religious idea of the past decade was. I ended up giving them two essays, as I couldn't quite decide which I thought was "worse."
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'Irreconcilable Islam' and Irascible Christianity, Part 2

[continued from part 1] If duplicity were the only moral failing in Gi
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Gingrich Labels 'Irreconcilable Wing of Islam' but Ignores Irascible Christianity

"'Tell me what distinguishes the murderer at Fort Hood, the people we arrested in Denver and Detroit and New York, and the five people who were just picked up in Pakistan?'" Former House Speaker Ne
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If They Are Too Big To Fail, Let's Make Them Smaller

We're off and running. I am headed for the airport to go to Detroit for the first leg in our book tour for Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street-A Moral Compass for the New Economy.
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