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Hope from the Next Generation: Hey, There's Recycling on the Floor

There's this place near our home called Kiddie Land. It's sort of this epic little corner nearish to the city that, for 80 some years, has boasted good times for kiddos. Think wooden roller coasters from the '30s, a wooden carousel, and rides that make you feel somehow like you are on a boardwalk in Atlantic City or someplace like that in the '20s.
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Five Christian Considerations for Health-Care Reform

I approach the discussion about health-care reform from the perspective of an urban
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As a Pediatrician, a Muslim, and a Mother: Speaking Out for Health-Care Reform

As representatives from many different faiths, we stand together today, united in our support for health-care reform so that affordable, quality health care can be made available to all.
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Nazis, Commies, and Manicheans in the Health-Care Debate

I remember playing WWII as a boy. We would pick sides of American and Nazis. Of course, everyone wanted be the Americans, the good guys.
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Criteria for Spiritual Leadership: Content of Character

Does it seem curious to you that when the issue of leadership in the church is discussed, gender is frequently cited as a primary element to consider?
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Health-Care Debate Requires the Wisdom of Solomon

Thomas Friedman, learning from an experience on safari in Botswana, gets it right in his
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Video: Bill McKibben on The Colbert Report

Earlier this week, environmental activist (and Sojourners columnist
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A (Nonviolent) Gun-Toting Witness for Health Care Reform

I'm Ready to Water the Tree of Liberty with Healthcare Reform Now.

"I'm Ready to Water the Tree of Liberty with Healthcare Reform Now."

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