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Make Your Wish List a Giving List

I have mixed feelings about wish lists. They rob Christmas of creativity, surprise, and personal contact, but they make shopping much, much easier.
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Obama's Afghanistan Policy and Christian Political Humility

On the eve of the election last November, I wrote a thinly-veiled endorsement of Barack Obama and blas
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America's Pervasive Pattern of Race-Based Medical Disparities

Our country has a long history of underserving and mistreating African-Americans and other marginalized groups.
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Why Poverty Persists in a World of Wealth

The forthcoming documentary The End of Poverty? opens with the question "Why does poverty persist in a world of growing wealth?" Through a seri
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Climate Justice Clips: Countdown to Copenhagen, Day 5

This video features three heroes of mine and courageous Christian leaders, Desmond Tutu, Wangari Maathai and Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, talking about the importance of climate justice for the poorest of the poor right across the continent of Africa.


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Attacking Our Mental Programming on Race

I'll tell you up front -- I'm going to talk about race. I know some are tired of hearing about it, and I think that's mainly because we've been hearing about it in the same ways for so long.
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Governments, a Kingdom Agenda, and Reading Scripture Badly

A popular argument amongst political conservatives goes like this: while they grant that Scripture requires concern and care for the poor and marginalized, that concern is one to be addressed by in
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Christmas is Supposed to Be Crusty

It's time to haul out the Christmas lights and stockings, Advent calendars, and odd-shaped Santa pillows from grandparents. Every year I sort of dread dragging all the chaos out of the basement.
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Climate Justice Clips: Countdown to Copenhagen, Day 6

This clip gave an Aussie kid like me who grew up on Midnight Oil goose bumps (embarrassingly I cried despite the cringe factor) and was very popular with students in our workshops because of the big name stars. ...


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Advent, Mary, and Sudan

The season of Advent always invites me to contemplate many facets of Christianity: the contrast between what God extols versus the world's values, the power of patience, and the strength of hope. While important in all times and places, each of these themes can especially speak this year to the current situation in Sudan.
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