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Don't Isolate Gender from the Biblical Big Picture

The gender discussion in the church today is captured succinctly by New Testament scholar Gordon Fee in
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Video: Fake Newspaper Prints Real News on Climate Change

090923-new-york-post-were-screwedOn Monday, millions of people received a "special edition" of The New York Post that told the truth: "We're Screwed." I guess only fake newspapers can print real news.

More than 2,000 volunteers of The Yes Men, a "culture jamming" group, distributed a fake edition of The Post in New York City....

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Seven Steps for Creation Caretaking

What could be more joyful than rediscovering our God-given role as caretakers, stewards, and lovers of creation?
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Flickers of Hope for Zimbabwe

Most of the news coming from Zimbabwe is so discouraging and heartbreaking that it is becoming harder to sustain hope.
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Audio: 'If You Don't Do Compassion, Mercy, and Justice, You Will Catch Hell'

It's always hard to narrow down Pastor Efrem's sermons to a few key minutes, and this one was no exception. Preaching from Matthew 25, he puts some extended focus on the health-care debate.
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G-20: The Global South Is Too Big To Fail

As pundits and politicians wield fighting words over the domestic health-care crisis, another group is getting ready to combat a different crisis -- one which, unless it's resolved quickly, will ca
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Zelaya in Brazilian Embassy: Honduran Forces May Seek His Arrest After Breaking Up Protests

We've just received this update regarding ousted president Manuel Zelaya's return to Honduras:
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Colombia's Churches Cry Out for Accompaniment

"If [state officials and the paramilitary groups] knew what we were telling you, we would be riddled with bullets as soon as we walked out that door."
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'Indecent' Clothing and Abusive Control

Over the past couple of months, I've followed the unfolding story of Lubna Hussein, the Sudanese woman who
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