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Video from Copenhagen: Worshipping and Marching with Desmond Tutu

A video report from the cathedral where Desmond Tutu spoke, and a section from Tutu's speech to the crowd that marched through Copenhagen:


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A Day to Pray in Copenhagen

Sunday was officially a day of rest for delegates at Copenhagen who took a break from the Bella Centre.
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Where are the Other Christian Voices Against Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

As a career missionary to Africa, I fear what would happen to me on judgment day if I didn't speak out against what is happening in Uganda right now in the name of Christ.
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Halliburton and the 'Resource Curse'

Part I of an interview with David Ugolor, head of the African Network for Environment and Economic Justice.
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U.S. Military Aid and the Paramilitaries Behind the Philippine Election Massacre

For many of us in the U.S., the sometimes vicious attack ads of last year's presidential election are more than just a recent memory.
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Copenhagen: Three Global Factions and a Volatile Mix of Hope and Despair

In search of a global ethic and political will, in freezing weather and the most dispiriting cavernous building under cold grey Copenhagen skies, this search by 34,000 people with 3500 press observ
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Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill: A Betrayal of Christ's Teachings

There are times in the "culture wars" when a very diverse group of religious leaders can come together across the political spectrum in a common cause.
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