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The Devil's Reparations for Haiti's Debt?

So Pat Robertson, to whom the media are still inexplicably willing to pay attention, is saying that Haiti is being punished for an alleged pact with the devil?
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Haiti: Praying, Waiting, and Worshiping in the Rubble

This is Cindy and Phyllis writing to let you know that we are all safe here at Bolosse. We were hit hard though.
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Haiti: God's Love is Greater

By now you have heard that there was a major earthquake in Haiti yesterday, which brought much of Port-au-Prince to the ground and also devastated other areas where our ministries work.
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Haiti and Anti-Evangelist Pat Robertson's 'Gospel' of Disgrace

Sam Harris, Richard Dawkin, and Christopher Hitchens have nothing on the greatest evangelist of atheism today, Pat Robertson.
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Michael Steele and Racially Insensitive or Racist Comments

100114-michael-steeleI am writing to educate Michael Steele and those whose understanding of Native Americans are as superficial as his. On January 4th Steele, the leader of the Republican Party, held up his hand in the old Indian parody style of "how," and he accompanied the gesture with the words, "honest Injun."

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The Televangelist and the Archbishop: Contrasting Christian Responses to Haiti's Tragedy

Upon learning of the ruinous earthquake that leveled most of Haiti, my wife and I felt sadness and horror, as well as concern for the affected, their families, and friends.
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Haiti: God Is Suffering With Those Who Are Suffering

There are times when events make everything else pale in comparison.
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