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Avatar and The Blind Side: The Never-ending Messianic Complex Story

The last two movies that my wife and I had the chance to watch were Avatar and The Blind Side. Not sure how that happened, but both movies had very rich missiological and race themes to them. Or maybe I just see everything in that way.
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South Park, Eco-Prophets, and Whale Wars

South Park famously set up how the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is "branded" as a group of "hardcore-any-means-necessary-pirates." In reality
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Trail of Dreams: Undocumented Students March from Miami to DC

While many college students slept off their New Year's festivities, Gaby Pacheco, Juan Rodriguez, Felipe Matos, and Carlos Roa began
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The Author of Time's Report on Race and Megachurches: Interview with David Van Biema

Racial reconciliation among evangelicals is one of those slippery topics that come and go based on which national leader is currently jazzed about it.
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