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What If All Churches Treated Women as Jesus Did?

Do you wonder why the words and deeds of Christ are not given more attention in the current gender debate?
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Thinking Thankfully About Money

When you are giving thanks this week, why not give thanks for money? Sound crass? It shouldn't be, because that's what could empower a household economy based on gratitude rather than one driven by greed or guilt.
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Hate Crimes, Racist Incidents Escalate After Obama's Election

A family's pro-Obama banner was wrapped around a cross and burned in their front yard. According to Associated Press writer Jesse Washington, after Obama's election incidents of race based hate crimes escalated across the country. I guess, no matter the rhetoric of some commentators, we really aren't living in a post-racial country.

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Deadly Delays as Zimbabwe's Talks Drag On

As the power sharing talks between political parties drag on and off, the delays have turned deadly -- literally.
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A South African Role Model of Reconciliation

Since the historic election of Nov. 4, I have been part of discussions with college students and faith-based institutions that have experienced racial tension and intolerance on their campuses.
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A Second Bretton Woods?

Twenty heads of state descended upon Washington this past weekend to discuss the global financial crisis and how to solve it. A communiqué and action plan came out of the meeting, but without President-elect Obama there, few had expected much to come in terms of concrete results
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