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A 'Micah Challenge' to U.S. Christians

This week, with the news of the U.S. financial crisis dominating the headlines, the United Nations General Assembly opened its annual meeting.
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Standing on the Shoulders of Women Leaders

Regardless of your political affiliation or inclinations, the presidential campaign this year has been one of "firsts" for women.
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Obama Hung in Effigy at Christian College

This is hard to read. Hard to swallow. Hard to understand ...
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Jubilee for Wall Street?

The Bush administration believes this should be a "time of Jubilee" for Wall Street speculators, a time of debt forgiveness. But the current proposal would only place additional debt shackles on the next generation.
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In Money We Trust

The Wall Street debacle reminds me of the fall of Babylon
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Lakeview Terrace: Somewhat Thoughtful Thriller

The number one film at the U.S. box office this past weekend was Lakeview Terrace, Neil La Bute's somewhat thoughtful thriller in which an LAPD officer harasses his new neighbors; the cop is black, the neighbors are an inter-racial couple. If the ethnic identities were switched, the film might never have been made; and if it had, it would have been a far less interesting film -
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