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In Money We Trust

The Wall Street debacle reminds me of the fall of Babylon
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Lakeview Terrace: Somewhat Thoughtful Thriller

The number one film at the U.S. box office this past weekend was Lakeview Terrace, Neil La Bute's somewhat thoughtful thriller in which an LAPD officer harasses his new neighbors; the cop is black, the neighbors are an inter-racial couple. If the ethnic identities were switched, the film might never have been made; and if it had, it would have been a far less interesting film -
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Seeking a More Just Economy

I have had the opportunity to consider and write about the economic disparities and realities in South Africa. In seeking to connect South Africa with the global discussion concerning struggling economies, here are some thoughts and reflections.
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Family Values: Ministry or 'Just Life'

I believe that every dedicated family following Jesus is a great instrument for the kingdom of God. A family serving together is a picture of God's love and grace.
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Fomenting a Fair Trade Chocolate Revolution

During a recent trip to Seattle, I took a tour of Theo Chocolate, the first and only organic and fair trade chocolate factory in the United States.
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Zimbabwe's Leaders Sign Compromise Agreement

The agreement we sign today is a product of painful compromise.
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