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It's Time to Close Guantanamo

“Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts” cries out the prophet Amos (5:15a). We should heed these words and close Guantanamo Bay prison. For more than a decade, prisoners have been detained there without being charged of a crime or tried in a court of law. Now 100 prisoners are on a hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention, and President Obama has reiterated his desire to close the prison. Call on Congress to remove this national blemish.

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Sign the One Church, One Body Pledge

Today in America, we as Christian leaders are morally concerned about the deluge of incidents this year that have revealed how the factors of race have yet to be resolved or, as we would say, reconciled.

Painful incidents like the killings of Trayvon Martin and Jonathan Ferrell, as well as this year’s Supreme Court decision that removed a key provision of the Voting Rights Act reveal the racial divides at the heart of our nation. It is time for the multiracial body of Christ to be clear that we are in this together. These issues are all of our issues. We are one church. We are one body.

Sign the One Church | One Body Pledge today!

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Tell TN Governor to Pray with Death Row Inmates!

A note from Shane Claiborne:

Ten men have been scheduled to be executed in my home state of Tennessee. Recently I had a chance to visit several of them. They have a simple request - they want their governor to pray with them.

When I met with them last week, one of the guys laid out the invitation: “We’d invite him to join us for our prayer meeting on Friday – to come pray with us, worship with us, and get to know us.” I sat stunned. Men scheduled to die want to invite the man who signed the death warrants to pray with them.

I hope Gov. Bill Haslam will take them up on the invitation – don’t you? 

Most Christians agree that Jesus would not support the death penalty. To interrupt the logic of killing and to show that it is wrong, we must first recognize that every person is made in the image of God which makes it much harder to destroy a life. 

We have an opportunity to encourage Gov. Haslam to take a step toward what Jesus would do.

Click here to send a message encouraging the governor to pray with these men – a step in the right direction toward ending a culture of killing.

Gov. Haslam’s first step should be to accept the grace that these death row inmates are offering him and meet with them for a time of prayer. It’s a simple request, so let’s make it happen! Send Gov. Haslam an email and ask him to pray with these men. Through prayer and supplication, God gives discernment and wisdom.

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Sack the Skins!

The word "Redskins" is a racial slur. It degrades an entire group of people who have endured a history of unjust treatment in our society.

Urge NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to stand on the right side of history by forcing the professional football team in Washington to change its name.


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Pray and Act for Peace in Ferguson

We are all angry about Michael Brown's death, and about the militarized response, callous actions, and deflection of responsibility by the police in Ferguson and public officials.But anger alone isn’t going to bring peace or justice to Ferguson.

Christians and other people of faith are watching and speaking out – and we need to make sure that the public officials in Ferguson, Mo., and across the nation hear our collective voice.

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Help Stop Violence Against Women Worldwide!

Women around the world are beaten and abused every day. It’s an epidemic that affects up to 70% of women in some countries—and we need to respond.

The International Violence Against Women Act would create a new State Department office that would connect women with the legal support, educational opportunities, and economic opportunity they need, while making sure that women and girls in humanitarian crises are protected from violence.

Send a message to your member of Congress to help us build support for The International Violence Against Women Act!

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Tell Fox News that Violence Against Women is No Joke!

Rather than taking the opportunity to raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence, “Fox and Friends” chose to mock and blame the victim. The news hosts criticized victims by saying they were “sending a terrible message” by staying with their abusers and joked that women should simply “take the stairs.”

Fox News is taking time on their show to mock and criticize victims of domestic violence. As Christians, let’s send a message that we want to see them SUPPORT women, not degrade them.

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It's Time for Zero Tolerance in the NFL

When Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for only two games for beating his fiancée (now wife), it became another public example of the lack of accountability for professional athletes.

The message that domestic violence is okay trickles down to the rest of society with devastating effect: one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

It’s time for the National Football League to take violence against women seriously – call on Commissioner Goodell to institute a zero tolerance policy or get ready to leave.

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Don't let domestic abusers buy guns!

Each month, nearly 50 women in the U.S. are shot to death by a partner or former partner. If we don’t close a loophole that allows people to buy guns without a background check, we’ll continue to give domestic abusers easy access to handguns.

With your help, we can close the loophole that lets domestic abusers buy guns with no questions asked. Click here to join us!

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Don't impeach the President for trying to help families

Since Congress has failed to fix our broken immigration system, President Obama is now considering what action he can take to protect immigrant families. Sadly, some members of Congress are threatening extreme measures to derail the president’s efforts. Recently, Texas Representative Joe Barton went so far as claiming the House of Representatives would consider impeaching the president for offering relief to suffering immigrant families and children.

Protecting families from being torn apart by a broken immigration system is NOT an impeachable offense. The harmful and extreme rhetoric from Rep. Joe Barton and others needs to end. It's time to put people BEFORE politics. Click here to take action!

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Join Jim Wallis in Calling for Peace and Free Speech in Ferguson

An imminent grand jury verdict in St. Louis County will determine whether to indict Ferguson police office Darren Wilson on criminal charges for shooting Michael Brown. News reports have detailed the expectation of violence in the St. Louis area after the decision is handed down and the mobilization being planned by law enforcement in response.

I am sending an open letter to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon urging him to maintain peace and protect those exercising their right to free speech. I encourage you to read the letter and join me and others across the country in signing it now. Your voice can make a big difference. Sojourners will send the letter and signatures to the Gov. Nixon.

– Jim Wallis, Sojourners

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Stand Behind President Obama's Immigration Relief

President Obama has announced his plans to reform pieces of our broken immigration system. These efforts are a source of hope to millions of our immigrant brothers and sisters, who now can live and work without fear of being detained simply because of who they are. Unfortunately, the attacks on the president are already starting.

Let's stand with the president as he helps our society "welcome the stranger."

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