The Common Good

Active Campaigns


Sojourners is articulating the biblical witness for immigration reform and encouraging our political leaders to take action. By working together in partnership, we believe the faith community has a historic opportunity to help create a road map to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans. +View Campaign

Poverty & Budget

Send a message to Pope Francis thanking him for his service to the poor and vulnerable. +View Campaign

Women & Girls

Women are made God’s image and likeness. When Christians embrace this as a core tenet of faith, we can model the human family as God created it to be. All Christians — regardless of gender — are called by God to exercise their gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility. +View Campaign

Creation Care

Sojourners is living out the biblical call of stewardship by working with a diverse group of partners to educate Christians about the need to reverse climate change, advance policies that prioritize clean air and water, and promote individual and legislative actions that support efficient, sustainable, and renewable energy sources. +View Campaign

Peace & Nonviolence

Founded in the 1970s, at the height of the Vietnam War, Sojourners' initial mission was to bring the call to end that war into the evangelical church. In the years since, we have played a leading role in the movement for nuclear disarmament, opposing the first Gulf War, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and threats of attack against Iran. +View Campaign

The Uncommon Tour

Racial and economic division persists in our world and within the body of Christ. The Uncommon Tour helps college campuses and churches to make the connection between faith, poverty, and racial equity for the common good. Through preaching, teaching, and training Uncommon equips communities to engage issues of justice in the public square in a way that draws from the roots of Christianity and leads to ongoing advocacy in partnership with “the least of these.” +View Campaign

Faith in Action

At many times in history, people of faith have marshaled their unique gifts and brought them to bear on social justice issues and the common good. Think of the abolitionist, women's suffrage, and civil rights movements, among others. People of faith rose up to join or lead these movements—each time calling on America to live up to its own dreams. Sojourners is committed to equipping a new generation of faith leaders and organizers, building their capacity to organize local and regional faith networks, and helping them use their unique gifts in the broader struggle for a just world. +View Campaign