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We have an opportunity before us to turn from our reliance on and support of fossil fuels and go in a new direction — toward a future that helps us care for God’s creation. As Christians, we believe that God will forgive our sin and heal our land, when we repent, correct our behavior, and pray. Will you join us?

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Leaders from many faiths, religions, and wisdom traditions made it clear that climate change presents a spiritual crisis, not just an economic and political debate.

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In Judaism, ethical investing is part of traditional Jewish morality. Within the sources are two questions that are central to the issue of divestment.

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Divestment is an indirect approach to reducing carbon emissions, recognizing how oil, gas, and coal corporations have captured our political system. Similar strategies were essential to regulation of the powerful tobacco industry in the 1990s.

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We’re refusing to participate in a system that is continuing to ruin our planet. Each dollar we disinvest from oil, natural gas, and coal companies is a dollar they can’t spend drilling in the Arctic, or fracking in Texas. And it’s also a dollar they can’t spend buying a politician’s loyalty.

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“God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). The earth and the fragile atmosphere that blankets it are God’s good creation for the sustenance and enjoyment of all living things. In Scripture, Christians are called by God to be stewards of the earth. Our policies and practices must protect creation from interests and activities that damage it.

Human-induced climate change is responsible for major ecological disruptions that impact the poor and vulnerable first and most heavily.  From low-income residents of New York City to subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, those who are most affected by environmental degradation are those who are least able to respond.

Through our Creation Care programs, Sojourners is living out the biblical call of stewardship by working with a diverse group of partners to educate Christians about the need to reverse climate change, advance policies that prioritize clean air and water, and promote individual and legislative actions that support efficient, sustainable, and renewable energy sources. 

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Recently President Obama proposed giving wilderness status to 12 million acres of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. Many Republican senators, including Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, strongly oppose the president’s proposal. Much of the opposition is expressed as frustration and outrage that the president is hindering Alaskans from having control over their economic future.
So, as a climate activist and Christian, I’m beyond thrilled and grateful that Pope Francis is calling on world leaders, and all Catholics and people of good will, to act on global warming by releasing a historic papal encyclical on the matter this summer.
As "Selma" reminds us, one victory does not call for a vacation. It calls for moving on to the next brick.
Catholic environmental groups from around the world on Jan. 14 announced a new global network to battle climate change just as many Catholic conservatives are sharply criticizing Pope Francis’ campaign to put environmental protection high on the church’s agenda.
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that “If this bill passes this Congress the president won't sign it either.”