The Common Good

How does faith inform public debates on social justice in U.S. politics? How should religious leaders and politicians engage the political process while maintaining their moral witness?

Since the fall of 2011, Jim Wallis–president and founder of Sojourners–began addressing these questions in a course he teaches at Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. He took the class through a series of topicsin the intersection of religion, society, and politics. Over the past three fall semesters, prominent guest speakers, including Michael Gerson and Elizabeth Warren, helped to frame the critical issues.

The content of the course, including syllabus, lectures, and recommended readings, are available here for a worldwide audience.

The current 2013 semester will address poverty, war and peace, climate change and renewable energy, immigration, and race. Frequent guest presentations will expose the course taker to practitioners' perspectives on these and other issues.

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