The Common Good

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Cover Story

The business of rural America.
Reconnecting to roots at Fairview Gardens Farm
Creation's reliable testimony. A conversation with Christian environmental scientist Calvin DeWitt.
It's a misty morning on Big Chippewa Lake. An Anishinabeg couple drags their canoe toward the water's edge. The woman boards in front and sits on her haunches.
Following nature's lead at The Land Institute.


Celebrating the power and importance of Pentecostalism.
Reweaving Guatemala's violence-torn society.


Last year I participated in an intensive, nine-month workshop called "Working From the Heart." I wanted to integrate two seemingly divergent eras in my life.
When the government of India launched a nationwide literacy campaign a few years ago, chances are alcohol abuse was not one of its targets.
Lois Jemtegard wanted to sell a portion of her land along the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, a national scenic area. Interested buyers wanted to build a house on the property.
The winds of change blowing on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures are making a cold world for those without power or wealth.


In Oklahoma City, 168 people died because they were in the way of somebody's anger at the government.

The assistant district attorney cleared the courtroom, while two sheriff's deputies searched the defendant. He was known to own 13 guns.

In large part because of my grandmother's North Dakota farm stories, I spent the first 30 years of my life wishing I lived on a farm so I could bake pies, make soap, churn butter...

O Lord, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all; the earth is full of thy creatures.

"The door is locked!

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Culture Watch

Ken Medema's gift of the gospel
We hear a lot today about how divided we Americans are on matters of culture.
Spirit of the West crosses borders.
A war, a newspaper, and heroes.
A '90s vision for the labor movement.
Daniel Peters writes a good read.
History you won't find in Pocahontas.
In the 1960s, the Fellowship of Reconciliation prepared a comic book about the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.


I could not presume even to speak of it, were we to meet, were we to be trapped
What community is not.
Learning to get along with all creation.
Global Exchange seeks volunteers for our International Peace Center in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, for a term of at least six weeks.
Reflections on the revised common lectionary (September 3 - October 29)
It is nice to know that the human touch is not totally obsolete.