The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The spiritual challenge of building a new politics.


Mixing religion with politics is nothing new.
An interview with Sen. Mark Hatfield.
Church burnings and America's quest for racial healing.
How Jesse Helms became my spiritual partner.


How political fortunes change.
Together, abortion adversaries seek real solutions.
The myths behind the Pentagon's billions.
The call to Christian mentoring.
El Salvador's peace still fragile.
No easy road to Bosnian peace.


In deciding whether or not to sign the Republican welfare bill, Bill Clinton faced the most serious moral test of his presidency.

It may be the most creative thing that’s ever happened in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.

 At home, the best-known of
Sojourners' Washington, D.C.-based ministries is the
Sojourners Neighborhood Center, where Barb Tamialis has
served as executive director and

A visit to the United Nations stimulates reflections and emotions regarding humanity's striving for community.

An article on breakfast about did me in for reading any more words on what's new, healthy, or chic in the food world.

American democracy is the envy of the world. And millions of us will wake up on election day and realize just how lucky we are before deciding not to vote.

Culture Watch

The music and reputation of Alligator Records.
The Atlanta Summer Olympics descended upon media-mad America like a vast mind-numbing, soul-sapping fog. 
Joan Chittester's journey to Beijing.
The continuing tragedy in East Timor
Complications with the immigrant experience.
The struggles of abuse-survivors' spouses.
Home economics from different vantage points.
The attempt to capture Dorothy Day on screen.
For generations which begat generations, the Bible has been translated into the languages of the people. Soon to follow were commentaries to aid in interpretation.


How shall we live as disciples of Jesus the Christ? The readings for these winding-down weeks of the year all address that question.
In Baltimore, groups work to care for victims of sexual abuse, bring abusers to justice, and educate the community.
A tour for compassion, community, and civility begins this fall.
In what is surely a first for Sojourners, this issue prominently features the words and thoughts of not just one, but two U.S.