The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The courage and compassion of Jean Sindab.
In the breadth of her person, and in the specifics of the projects that she undertook, Jean Sindab wove together the long, proud lineage of struggle for economic, racial, and social justice...
Jean Sindab's place in history.


Contemplation, freedom, and the spirit of leisure.
Commerce, call, and gainful employment.
The lingering power of evangelical populism.


Traveling across the country during the 1996 Presidential campaign, I saw almost no yard signs or bumper stickers with the names of the presidential nominees on them.
The hunger for dialogue in the Catholic Church.
Newt's revolution moves north.
Poverty is now the enemy as Nicaraguans battle on.
Working to close the School of the Americas
The Nation's "great unfinished task."


During the fall 1996 Call to Renewal tour, we had the opportunity to speak
directly to thousands of people across the country, and to hear their questions
and concerns.

Wesley Woods is a United Methodist retirement high-rise in my
Atlanta neighborhood.

The phone call came as it does to many parents at some point in the growing-up years of their children. Colleen had fallen off the jungle gym at school, and could I please pick her up?

For the first time in memory, the Latino community took to the streets of
Washington, D.C., in large numbers on October 12, 1996.

Would it be cruel to extol the virtues of chocolate these dark, cold days of January and February, months traditionally reserved for dietary resolutions and abstention from such temptations?

I confess that on Election Day this past November I didn't vote my
conscience or my pocketbook.

Culture Watch

The religious dimension of Paul Schrader's films.
''Of the making of books, there is no end" goes a moth-eaten quotation. But maybe there is after all. At least that's the war cry of the latter-day Luddites.
Sam Phillips' sardonic look at popular culture.
Reynolds Price's story of good news.
Novelist Jon Hassler's rich search for community.
The Spirit's presence of fictional lives.
Scott Adams unites the workers of the world.
Fear and Loathing at Big Joy Farm.
New calendars adorn office desks and kitchen walls. Daily organizers with pages still fresh, crisp, and clean fill breast pockets, backpacks, and briefcases.


A theological program in Sing Sing prison rehabilitates and renews.
Across the country, people are hungry to put their faith into action.
Young, Catholic, and Feminist?
Bringing people together
Reflections on the revised common lectionary, cycle B.
If God is this winter wheat
Our cover story is a tribute to Jean Sindab, a tireless worker for peace and justice and a joy-filled and fun-loving woman who died a year ago this month of cancer.