The Common Good
September-October 1997

Good Housekeeping

by Raphaelle Kosek | September-October 1997

I WAS DELIGHTED with the way you displayed my van Gogh
poem ("Poetry," July-August 1997).

I WAS DELIGHTED with the way you displayed my van Gogh poem ("Poetry," July-August 1997). I was expecting the poem to be among others on a bare, white page, but was elated to find it alone with van Gogh’s piercing self-portrait. Thank you so much for the beautiful job!

Second, I am very impressed with Sojourners’ breadth and scope, and very happy to find the article on women and ecology, topics very close to my heart ("The Good Housekeeping Award," by Rose Marie Berger). I worry constantly that we have been careless with and inflicted irreparable damage on an Earth that may never recover. I remember vividly the fight about Love Canal, and I enjoyed your interview with Lois Gibbs. I was unaware of the many other women you mentioned, excepting Rachel Carson, who is a heroine in our household.

I like the fact that Sojourners is holistic: The spirit, the body, the environment all go together and really cannot be separated. Our fragmented society works against the welfare and integrity of all.

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