The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The unique experience of black America.
Building a strategy to dismantle racism.
How do we describe our altered racial landscape?


A new look at the Apostle Paul.
Restoring hope and identity to El Salvador's youth.


Thirty years after King's death, racism continues to rend the country.
For-profit prisons bring in the loot.
The rolls are down, but hunger is up.
The Moral Dilemma of sanctions.
A community responds to violence.
The Cold War's over -- the threat isn't.


In the first stage of the White House sex scandal, the media
was obsessed with how allegations of sexual misconduct and
possible cover-up against Bill Clinton might bring down his

The drama that unfolded in the arrest and court proceedings of
Theodore Kaczynski deserves serious, even prayerful, reflection.
In part it focuses our attention on that most basic of all

A small group of twentysomethings can change the world. A
generation of them can reclaim the cities of America for the
kingdom of God. This is our calling.

room of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission burst open. The
parents of Amy Biehl walk in, surrounded by reporters,
microphones, and cameras.

It's February and so far you haven't kept a single
New Year's resolution, have you? Not even the one about
setting aside a special time to write in your journal.

Culture Watch

The poetry of Denise Levertov, 1923-1997
Oscar time is a'coming, and with it another chance to consider the relationship between Steven Spielberg's world and our own.
Violence in Barbara Ehrenreich's Blood Rites.
Why the sex industry thrives.
The movement to close the School of the Americas.
The importance of learning to listen.
Fiction and fact intertwined.
The role of music in the church universal.
In Kevin Costner's new dystopic fantasy, The Postman, the future is bleak save for the responsible individualism of the director-star.


Some Michigan churches provide hands-on support to families in transition.
Building a movement to overcome poverty.
My Lord has lifted been in blackest blue...
A few years ago televangelist Robert Schuller proposed that we take another look at the meaning of Lent.
Some say chaos brings creativity.