The Common Good
May-June 1998

Truth Through Humor

by Ken Saunders | May-June 1998

I JUST CALLED Ed Spivey, author of the monthly "H’rumphs," to thank him
for his most recent effort (March-April 1998).

I JUST CALLED Ed Spivey, author of the monthly "H’rumphs," to thank him for his most recent effort (March-April 1998). There was a pause and then he said, "You mean this isn’t a crank call?"

Apparently not every reader has a sense of humor, since, according to Ed, two or three subscribers quit with each issue after reading his column. I told him that as far as I was concerned humor is most often the best way to get at the truth (however tragic): that his comments about Daniel arap Moi, current president of Kenya, were hilarious. As a small-town pastor who tries not to take himself (or the church or the human animal) too seriously, I deeply appreciate Ed’s work. To me, despair and laughter are close companions, and I’d much rather laugh than cry.

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