The Common Good

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Cover Story

Gen. George Lee Butler, former commander of the nation's nuclear forces, became a proponent of nuclear abolition.
The end of the Cold War presents an unparalleled opportunity to abolish nuclear weapons--once and for all.
A new movement emerges to abolish nuclear weapons.


"You have not come to hear a detached, scholarly lecture about the two powerful figures who are on our program. I am deeply and unavoidably attached. Fully engaged.
Getting to Disagreement. Dialogue that has an impact.
It's all too easy to make fun of the extreme examples of prophecy belief that we encounter on bumper stickers and best-seller lists.
From beginning to end, Matthew's gospel intends to awaken minds, hearts, and bodies left for dead by the powers of domination and violence.


The brutal and tragic killing of Matthew Shepard last fall makes it clear that Christians need a more mature response to the issue of homosexuality in general, and gay-bashing in particular.
Real disaster relief requires more then 'Good Samaritan' acts.
Taking back the airwaves for free speech and local issues.
The corporatization of higher education.
Orthodox reformers forge path of peace.
Remembering Elizabeth O'Connor.


In November, once again, Iraq responded to a military threat and signaled that it would
allow U.N. weapons inspectors to resume their work. This was heartening news.

It is often assumed that younger people have no respect for their elders and even less
reverence for history.

It is a clear fall day in 1986 and I am walking the block home from the bus stop. It is
my second month of high school; I am 13, a freshman, an artist.

Early in the 1980s, I served a parish in Woburn, Massachusetts. This suburban city,
some 12 miles north of Boston, had boasted of tanneries for 300 years.

The global economy is in shambles, the presidency is in crisis, and Americans are
struggling under the weight of a broken health care system. But hey, I've got my own

Culture Watch

Contemporary Christian music and its accent on celebrity
By now you've probably heard the news. The greatest rock-and-roll record of 1998 featured 50-year-old songs by a guy who's 10 years deader than Elvis.
Peter Campbell's retrospective offers strength for the journey.
John Lewis and the civil rights movement.
Is a 'good' woman a sacrificing one?
Johann Arnold's gentle, troubling witness.
Kathleen Norris' Amazing Grace
Moving beyond pacifism and just war.


I accept the cardinal that comes to the tree...
New beginnings, on the Web and in the world.
A historic gathering on the churches and welfare reform.
Architects Building Better Communities
Christ House, a residential medical facility for homeless men in northwest Washington, D.C., has yearlong, full-time volunteer opportuni
Nuclear abolition on the cover of Sojourners? Isn't that awfully retro, a flashback to the same-old same-old? A high-ranking military officer in full uniform on the cover of Sojourners?