The Common Good

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Cover Story

A remarkable new "seminary-behind-walls" program at Sing Sing prison helps to rebuild lives and offer hope.
I could not escape the still, silent voice that gnawed at the core of my soul. It followed me wherever I went.
It was an extraordinary feeling to be set free after years of deprivation.


What's morality have to do with economics?
Notes from a small southern town.
Reading the book of Revelation without the rapture.
Organizers Carol Richardson and Heather Dean, mother and daughter, talk about how the movement to close the U.S. Army School of the Americas became a family affair.
I have always felt some tension about using the church's common lectionary.


From computer giants to the world's biggest oil companies, merger has become the favorite sport of the world's corporate and financial elites.
The African-American church and AIDS.
Mitch's devastation has been the opportunity for Jubilee.
What does Augusto Pinochet have to teach us?
Disguising brutality in prisons.
We're called to faithful discipleship, not creedal rigidity.


United States policy toward Iraq needs a radical change.

The final column of a six-year run gives the author permission to write in the first
person, wouldn't you say?

Or did you think Y2K was another Calvin Klein perfume, the kind promoted by pouty models who look like all they want from life is more heroin?

Culture Watch

Urban churches bridge barriers of neighborhood, class, and race
Wuthnow's "ecclesiastical chaos theory"
Luis Rodriguez grapples with the helter skelter
Lessons from The Poisonwood Bible.
Henri Nouwen on spirituality and justice
Ancient music for the contemporary church
Moyers on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Twenty-five years ago, I was a 19-year-old college kid joyously wallowing in Watergate.


National Summit addresses impact of welfare reform.
for Grace Lorch
Hurricane Mitch already spurred us to publish one commentary ("A Mature Compassion," by Marvin Rees, January-February 1999).