The Common Good

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Cover Story

Yvonne Delk has always done more than live beyond the boundaries - by her witness, strength, and perseverance, she's helping to render them obsolete.


Homosexuality should not become a litmus test of who's in or out of God's favor
Peggy and Tony Campolo dialogue about the church and homosexuality.
With hoots and hollers, the pentecostal 'Toronto Blessing' invites us to celebrate a love affair of faith. But what's missing from this party?
Fifteen ways to strengthen your congregation's justice ministry with workers.
The book that later church writers named The Acts of the Apostles might just as well have been described as Luke's second book about the things Jesus did and taught through the Holy Spirit.


The crisis in Kosovo
Y2K as a call to community.
Seeking common ground on abortion clinic activism.
Our values are revealed in the national budget.
Sterile seeds help corporations build a food monopoly.
Genetic engineering and the character of parenthood.


President Clinton said today that recent reports of police misconduct had shaken people’s faith in the police, and he proposed several measures that he said would help restore that trust.

On the first anniversary of the day Spencer met you face to face.

cup in a tiny, single-serving French press. Some mornings I rush out of the house and
leave the coffee-making for someone at the office, but I usually regret this.

"What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or, not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Tough words from a tough man. The man: Dan Quayle. The words: I have no idea.

Culture Watch

Writer Anne Lamott staggers toward Jesus.
A 15-year-old activist fights against child abuse.
Living a contemplative a feminist life.
Seminary model looks closer to home.
Through death, learning about love.
In the end, a paean to Life.
Relationship as political critique.
We walked into a plush four-screen cinema in the affluent suburbs of east Memphis and took our place in the ticket line.


Coalition stands for rights of public housing residents.
Focusing the faith community's moral energy.
Debt Relief is Hunger Relief
Our lead CultureWatch piece is a profile of writer Anne Lamott, who some would consider, at least on sight, to be an unlikely evangelist.