The Common Good

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We never seem to learn: Power does corrupt. Does that mean Christians should stay out of politics?
An interview with Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson


Brazilian Catholic archbishop Helder Camara brought a "preferential option for the poor" to the center of Christian social thinking.
The war in Kosovo is over. The question now: How to build peace? Their neighbors in Bosnia might just have the beginnings of an answer.
Camp Rakovica, Sarajevo—There were 1,500 Kosovar refugees in this camp on the dusty outskirts of Sarajevo. They had come by bus, car, and on foot.
Pristina, Kosovo—At the Macedonia-Kosovo border, kids on the roadside are selling Coke and fresh brown eggs.
(and other lessons from the Book of Job)
As the rate of HIV-AIDS reaches record highs in Africa, the burden of foreign debt depletes scarce resources for prevention and care
Despite the pall that HIV-AIDS casts across Africa, a few bright spots offer some relief.
When I was a girl of 7 or 8 years, I laid awake most nights praying to have a friend.


When the price paid to farmers for hogs crashed to Depression-era lows a year ago, it was nothing less than cataclysmic for independent hog growers.
It's time to admit: We've lost the War on Drugs
Who benefits from the tax cuts? (Hint: Not you.)
Will there still be public education for your children's children?
Heart surgery opened my arteries---and my eyes.
What's wrong with selling organs on the open market?


A clear moral test

Okay baby, let’s say God really is God; he’s not applying for the job, etc. etc.

Notes for a new generation

Culture Watch

From hip hop to Howard Thurman, From the well-known to the obscure, we did the reading for you (really, it was our pleasure)
The 2000 presidential election promises to be the biggest fiasco since 1920, when monied interests foisted Warren G. Harding off upon a distracted public.
An inside look at the fall of the Religious Right
Can "hierarchical religions be redeemed?"
Carlos Santana's Supernatural
Three films illuminate struggles and hopes


Bosnian women weave ethnic harmony
Covenant House Faith Community, a Christian community committed to prayer, community, and service, seeks full-time volunteers to work with homeless youth for a 13-month commitment.
In the barnyard of my bone Let the animals kneel down...
Assistant editor Rose Marie Berger traveled to Bosnia and Kosovo in July as part of a pilgrimage led by Don McClanen, founder of an organization called Ministry of Money.