The Common Good
November-December 2000

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

by The Editors | November-December 2000

A Winter Reading List

  • The Friendship of Women: A Spiritual Tradition, by Joan Chittister, OSB. Chittister celebrates the sacrament of friendship with reflections on eight women in the Bible, accompanied by lovely, full color icons. (Benetvision, 2000)
  • Seize the Day with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Charles Ringma. Daily meditations on Bonhoeffer's writings. One in a trilogy of cheerful, fat little books by Ringma—the others include Dare to Journey with Henri Nouwen and Resist the Powers with Jacques Ellul. (Piñon Press, 2000)
  • The Words of Gardner Taylor, by Rev. Gardner Taylor. A multi-volume set of books and audio resources commemorating Taylor's ministry. Taylor, founder of the Progressive National Baptist Convention and "dean of the nation's black preachers," according to Time magazine, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last August. (Judson Press, 1999)
  • Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change, by Chuck Collins and Pam Rogers, with Joan Garner. An informative, sharply written guide to donating money for effective social change. (W.W. Norton, 2000)
  • Duke Ellington: A Spiritual Biography, by Janna Tull Steed. A look at the underlying spirituality of one of the world's greatest musicians. (Crossroad Publishing, 1999)
  • Pacifica Radio: The Rise of an Alternative Network, by Matthew Lasar. Lasar traces the cultural and political currents that shaped America's first listener-supported alternative radio network. (Temple University Press, 2000)
  • A Covenant to Keep: Meditations on the Biblical Theme of Justice, by James W. Skillen. Skillen focuses on five aspects of justice: justice required; justice restrained; justice administered; justice assured; and justice fulfilled. (CRC Publications, 2000)

And for your listening pleasure...

  • The Long Way Home, by Linda Allen. The sixth recording by this long-time folk singer weaves together music, spiritual experience, and social issues. (October Rose Productions, 1999)
  • Big City, by GreenChoby—so named for musicians Carolyn Green and Mike Choby, a Chicago-based folk duo with tight vocal harmonies and transcendent guitar work. (GreenChoby, 2000)
  • The Age of Possibility, by Carrie Newcomer. The latest CD by this contemporary folkster with a blues twinge. Ten percent of its sales go to the Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. (Rounder Records, 2000)

Looking for a Few Good Books

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