The Common Good
November-December 2000

Force Protection

by Mike Mitchell | November-December 2000

ROSE MARIE BERGER'S Commentary "Conduct Unbecoming" (September-October
2000) was a provocative and thoughtful piece.

ROSE MARIE BERGER'S Commentary "Conduct Unbecoming" (September-October 2000) was a provocative and thoughtful piece. My background in the military, and my dislike of the current commander-in-chief, caused me to grab on to this as another facet of the corruption of the military by Clintonism. In addition to the destruction of morale, via increased tempo of operations and cutting personnel and logistical support, comes this identified ethical corruption as well. Suffice it to say, as I (inspired by this article) was rearing up to this noble task of pointing out the reliance of the Clinton administration on technology and "protection of forces" (so he could do whatever he wished), I thought of two words: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I've seen the museum in Hiroshima. Horrible destruction, thousands of civilians and school children cut off from life that day. And the justification? Protection of forces. But, in all fairness, we must note that in an invasion of Japan the cost of human life for both sides would have been horrific. We played Cyrus that day, and a nation was judged. May the Lion of Judah come soon to end the evil that is so costly in human misery and untimely death. We desire a New Heavens and Earth and "groan"—waiting to see the children of God revealed.

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