The Common Good
March-April 2001

Can't Buy Me Love

by Rose Marie Berger, Susannah Hunter | March-April 2001

54 percent of global billionaires are in the United States

54 percent of global billionaires are in the United States

80 percent in U.S. fear wealth will make them greedy and insensitive

92 percent say money can't buy love, a strong family, or self-esteem

37 percent say they'd give their money away if they won the Lotto

30 percent of global wealth is owned by 2.5 million North Americans

41 percent of divorced women are not able to save money

23 percent say lack of money kept them from getting crucial health care

11 percent in U.S. are "wealth averse"-have little and don't want more

Compiled from AARP Modern Maturity 2000 survey "Money and the American Family" and Merrill Lynch/Gemini Consulting "Wealth Report 2000."

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